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Back in 2008 I purchased my first camera. The intention was to use it for my Real Estate but after I took my first images of my kids and saw that beautiful blurred background, I knew I was hooked.

Over the years I have shot everything from newborns to weddings but for quite a while, my true passion was Fine Art Composite Photography. I love story telling and being able to allow my imagination run wild and create whatever I want by photographing different elements and then brining them all together in photoshop to create one image.


This type of photography forced me to really work hard at my editing skills and I believe this has served me well now that my focus has been redirected towards beauty and fashion. 


There is nothing more rewarding than creating a beautiful image of someone. My goal is that this is more than just a photoshoot, rather an experience! I am privileged to be able to work with a phenomenal hair stylist and MUA and have built and extensive wardrobe that you are welcome to use! SO MUCH TULLE, LACE and SPARKLE to choose from! Ultimately I want you to feel pampered and see how beautiful you really are!

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Photographer & Assistant

Matea should have been born with a paintbrush in her hand as she defines the word "artist". From the time she was little, she would spend hours drawing and colouring. This later expanded into digital art and just recently photography. 

In June 2020 Matea signed a three year contract as a model with Mode International. Being in front of the camera was definitely influential in her desire to step behind it as well. She finds no greater joy than creating a beautiful image of someone.

It should come as no surprise that her editing ability is exceptional due to her extensive background with both drawing and digital art but it's quite amazing to watch her pick up on things so quickly. 


In a very short amount of time, she has produced some incredible images and she is so keen to continue to learn and grow. Feel free to check out her work on her website or instagram! 

Behind the Scenes

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War Baby Cosmetics

My passion for makeup began at the age of 9 and continued throughout my life, driving me into an exciting career as a professional makeup artist. Having obtained a Master International Makeup Professional Certification and Specialization in Global Beauty, I have had the amazing opportunity to tutor under Nathan Johnson, New York City based celebrity makeup artist. 

With multiple publications in magazines, newspapers, novels and opportunities to work with New York Times Best Selling Authors, Gold Seal Chefs and many other outstanding clientele over the last 25 years, my career has been exciting and highly rewarding. In 2014 I developed my own line of internationally shipped cosmetics and skin care "WARBABY®COSMETICS''. Best known for my passion, compassion, creativity and easy going nature, the ability to work with everyone from children to elderly has given me many amazing opportunities to connect with people in so many special ways. 


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Tara Watts
Splitting Hairs 

Outgoing .charismatic. creative.

my career as a hairstylist has spanned over 20+years and taken me around the globe. The world of beauty has encompassed being a stylist, educator, platform artist, as well as owning & managing  2 successful salons in Calgary and Okotoks. 


known for specializing in curly and textured hair, sometimes performing "curl wizardry" my strength and passion lies in both the love of hair and love of nature and its elements, and that drives me to create beautiful hair in its natural organic state. 

This passion has lead me to editorial and theatrical work where art and styling are authentic to the context and never contrived.


behind the scenes

Each shoot is just as fun behind the scenes as it is in front of the camera
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