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Abstract Paint

This is one of my favorite types of photography and so I though it deserved its own page. Extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world. All things dreamy and romantic.

Capturing Memories

Whether its vogue inspired studio shot of your family or sisters, siblings, mother-daughter or even your sweet pooch, we will have so much fun creating images of your most precious gift! Your family! 

Love and Romance

This one deserves it's own category! I love to shoot couples and capture candid moments that you'll be able to have for a lifetime! 

We can go edgy cool or soft and romantic! Let's plan something that you'll wanted printed and framed to cherish for your lifetime together.

Best Friends Forever

What an amazing gift to give someone you care about. Whether it's a champagne party for a bunch of women or teenage besties wanting to take their selfies of eachother to the next level. Let's have some fun! You will have full access to the wardrobe and we can just have a creative play that will be an absolute blast and give you a printed keepsake you can both/all cherish forever!