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Thank you for visiting my website. As you will quickly discover, I am passionate about all types of photography!

From updating your digitals to beauty to high fashion and/or fine art to corporate headshots, you can choose what you are interested in and then we will collaborate and come up with a game plan for your big shoot. If you are a model, I'm also more than happy to collaborate with your agency to make sure we can get you images that would be most beneficial for your book!.

Hair and Make up are optional and I provide a full wardrobe and often bring in additional pieces. Once we confirm a date,  we will put together a mood board that you can get excited about and I will send over a package with instructions as to how to best prepare and what to bring. 


For package inquiries and/or if you have any questions, please contact me via the link below!

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Model Test Shoot

Looking to update your portfolio? While I always try and stay current with todays trends, I also like to find ways to push the limits a little bit to make sure that your images stand out. 

All images are professionally edited and you will receive both a color and black and white version of each image. I have a full wardrobe that you will have full access to and I often bring in clothes for the shoot as well. Hair and Make-up are not necessary but always a great add-on to help elevate your images.

Don't worry if you are new, I will help you create interesting poses and I promise we will have a lot of fun! To check out some of my work, please click on the link below!

View Professional Gallery


Let's get up close! I love beauty shots! I have a few different go-to lighting set ups depending on what you are looking for but this is a great opportunity to show off your beautiful features. 

While it's not expected, I highly recommend professional hair and make up for this type of photoshoot so that we can come up with some really interesting looks that will take things to the next level. 

To check out some of my beauty work, please click on the link below. 

View Professional Gallery

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Fine Art Portraits

Ok, the truth is that while I love all types of photography, there is something about Fine Art Portraiture and Fashion Couture (see below) that just has my heart! 

I think its the story telling part of it that intrigues me and stirs up my creativity. There is so much emotion that goes into these images and I love the process of finding vintage pieces for the set, putting together beautiful outfits and shooting on my hand painted canvas backdrops. 

To see more of my work, please visit the professional gallery below.

View Professional Gallery 

Fashion Couture 

Like Fine Art, I absolutely LOVE this type of photography! The weirder and more eclectic, the happier and more excited I get. From smoke machines to big hair and crazy headpieces, it's without question the genre that keeps my brain spinning at night.


My ultimate goal is to marry High Fashion with Avant-Garde. This isn't for everyone but if you are a model who wants to push the limits and get really creative, we can definitely have some fun with this type of shoot because let me tell ya, I have ideas! 

While its not mandatory, I strongly recommend professional hair and make-up for this type of photography. The people I work with, as you can see in the images, are incredible! To view some more of my work, please click on the link below!


View Professional Gallery

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